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About Biospring

Healing Beyond Borders

BioSpring Limited(BSL) is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company and the leading oncology company in Laos.The international quality standard products of BioSpring are manufactured in GMP compliant facilites.

As per the World Trade Organization(WTO)agreement,Since Laos is A LDC country,so BioSpring can produce the latest patented medicines.We have positioned our generic drugs in Asia, Africa and some European countries, which makes us the leading pharmaceutical exporter in Laos.


The first pharmaceutical company in Laos to serve the global market

  • Targeted Therapy Targeted Therapy

    Targeted Therapy

    Provide patients with personalized precision treatment solutions.

  • Antiviral Medications Antiviral Medications

    Antiviral Medications

    Provides solutions to treat regional infectious diseases.

  • Consumer Brand Consumer Brand

    Consumer Brand

    Provide solutions for the health and well-being of individuals, families and companion animals.

Targeted Therapy
Antiviral Medications
Consumer Brand

Why Us

BioSpring as one of the fast growing pharmaceutical company in Laos.



BioSpring believes innovation is a must to place the bedrock the 21st century medical needs. We always search for new ways.



We clearly understand the expectations of the customers and help them find the best approaches.



We constantly conduct a robust market survey in order to remain ahead of the crowd.



We obey the most positive methods when we handle any client in our business.



At BioSpring, our team believes in enriching lives while creating a life changing world for patients all over the globe.

Serve Global Customers

We are efficiently employing both internal and external resources to improve healthcare access.

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Our Team

As one of the pioneers of the pharmaceutical industry in Laos, BioSpring's resilient team is a core part of our social architecture.

  • John Marsh

    John Marsh

    Heat surgeon

  • Nancy Martin

    Nancy Martin


  • Martin Guptil

    Martin Guptil

    Eye Specialist

  • Nikki Johnson

    Nikki Johnson